About us

Bluestone Group is a fast growing financial services and technology business founded in 2000, with offices in the UK and Ireland.

The Group is made up of lending, investment and portfolio servicing businesses and is owned by a mix of private and institutional shareholders including Australia's Macquarie Bank, senior staff and management.

United Kingdom


The UK is home to our Group Head office, IT Development team and Bluestone Capital Management in Cambridge, as well as Bluestone Credit Management in Sheffield and Bluestone Mortgages in London.

Bluestone’s team numbers over 150 passionate people who really do put the customer first. We pride ourselves in leveraging market leading technology and innovation to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our fresh, non-traditional approach continues to enable us to deliver solution driven products and services to our growing UK customer base.

  • Bluestone Capital Management

    Bluestone Capital Management specialises in acquiring and managing portfolios of loans, particularly challenging loans and legacy portfolios.

    Portfolio sales can be particularly attractive to vendors looking to limit their exposure to further losses and either release capital or reduce the risk that further capital will be needed to support a portfolio. Other interested parties include lenders exiting a jurisdiction or asset class, mortgagee’s in possession, or the administrators of struggling ventures.

    We also look after mortgage and asset backed securities. Many of these securities are now classified as illiquid and impaired which potentially impedes owners from holding them efficiently. We understand the complex credit and liquidity issues within these securities and how to price and manage them effectively with an objective of optimising returns.

    Our expertise in managing portfolios that are more challenging from a credit perspective means financial performance is optimised and we are able to effectively price portfolios offered for sale, often to levels that exceed recoveries from a self-managed wind-down.
  • Bluestone Credit Management

    Founded over 40 years ago, Bluestone Credit Management is one of the UK's most experienced providers of credit management services.

    We have an experienced team of over 70 based in our Sheffield office, and a field team operating throughout the UK. Managing a wide range of asset types including commercial debts, outstanding tax payments, personal loans, utility payments and shortfall accounts. We use cutting edge technology and data analytics to connect with as many customers as possible.

    We invest in our people and their development to make sure they’re committed and capable of delivering the best possible customer experience.
  • Bluestone Mortgages

    Bluestone Mortgages was established in 2015 and is one of the fastest growing lenders to enter the UK Mortgage Market.

    Born out of the successful acquisition of Basinghall Finance in 2015, we now have £550m of mortgages under management including 3 securitisations in the Clavis and Celeste RMBS issuance programs.

    Our target customer and product set reflects our experience as one of the pioneers in the Australian mortgage market where we have settled more than £3bn of residential loans.



Our Irish businesses bring a fresh approach to lending, offering competitive products to consumers and businesses looking for the right type of credit facility for their specific needs. Our underwriting team provide a non-traditional approach to Motor Finance, offering a solution-driven personal service to customers with unprecedented success.

  • Motor Finance

    Bluestone Finance provide specialist finance solutions to consumers who have found it difficult to get finance. We offer simple, secure, lending solutions to consumers and business users both for motor and commercial asset finance. Working with a trusted base of local motor dealers, unlike other asset finance providers, Bluestone determine the rental amount, so that the customer is only ever offered a realistic, means tested sum, based on their current situation, personally assessed by a member of our skilled underwriting team.
  • Commercial Motor Finance

    We have recently launched a new finance product for young businesses and self-employed contracts in the SME space. Through Bluestone, hire purchase and leasing financing is now available for new enterprises in Ireland with a minimum 12-month trading record, and who are seeking to purchase equipment and machinery used in agriculture and / or construction. Bluestone provides finance for a range of machinery including dump trucks, tipper trucks, excavators, tractors, graders, forklift trucks, combine and forage harvesters, beet harvesters, self-propelled telehandlers and self-propelled cherry pickers.

    The product has a minimum advance amount of €10,000 up to a maximum of €300,000 over a 60 month term. A deposit of 30% is required and Bluestone can provide you with a no-obligation indicative approval within hours. Borrowers must be a permanent resident of the Republic of Ireland.