Customers We Help

We know that securing a motor loan for your customer isn’t always easy and turning away potential customers is something no business likes to do. Bluestone offers finance solutions to consumers, non-consumers, SMEs, self- employed and adverse credit customers and customers with no credit history.

Employed customers

Refused finance in the past? Our team of experts review every single application on an individual basis before we make our decision.  
We base our decisions on your personal circumstances and credit history which we believe is much fairer and transparent.

No track record

Improvements in the economic climate have seen a number of professional people returning to Ireland after gaining experience abroad.  
We provide finance to qualified workers with no ICB history.

Self employed

More people than ever are now self employed, but it can still be difficult for some to get a motor loan.  
Our 'common sense' approach means we can help self employed customers with just 1 years trading history.

Small Businesses

The number of small businesses is growing.  
We've helped many who've had credit problems in the past but have worked through the economic challenges and have returned to profit making.