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Terms & Conditions

DEALER RESPONSIBILITIES The Dealer will ensure in relation to each Hire Purchase Agreement that:

  1. It is signed in the presence of one our Business Development Managers to ensure the signature is authentic
  2. The Customer receives a copy of the Hire Purchase Agreement immediately after it is signed
  3. All Anti-Money Laundering checks and relevant documentation have been seen and received before the Customer signs the Hire Purchase Agreement
  4. Only clear copies of documentation and proofs may be submitted
  5. The Customer pays to the dealer the full deposit shown on the Hire Purchase Agreement either in cash or by way of part exchange or a combination of both
  6. In order to allow the Company to enter into a Hire Purchase Agreement with the Customer, the Dealer will sell the relevant vehicle to the Company with good title before the Hire Purchase Agreement is made in the following terms:
    1. The title to the vehicle will pass to the Company free of all encumbrances immediately on the payment of the purchase price of each vehicle
    2. The Dealer represent and warrant that each vehicle is in good working order and repair and is of satisfactory quality and roadworthy in all respects
    3. The Dealer will deliver the vehicle to the Customer in good order and condition



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  1. The company will be fully responsible for liaising and resolving any disputes between Customers and Dealers, with specific reference to merchantable quality issues, deposit, payment discrepancies and agreement enforceability issues
  2. All staff involved in selling finance will have reached or will be working towards Minimum Competency Levels

We will comply with the Data Protection Act and with Anti-Money Laundering requirements under Irish Law. We are committed to the principle of treating Customers fairly in all our business dealings. We agree to the above Terms and Conditions.