Capital Management

Bluestone Capital Management specialises in acquiring and managing portfolios of loans, particularly challenging loans and legacy portfolios.

Portfolio sales can be particularly attractive to vendors looking to limit their exposure to further losses and either release capital or reduce the risk that further capital will be needed to support a portfolio. Other interested parties include lenders exiting a jurisdiction or asset class, mortgagee’s in possession, or the administrators of struggling ventures.

We also look after mortgage and asset backed securities. Many of these securities are now classified as illiquid and impaired which potentially impedes owners from holding them efficiently. We understand the complex credit and liquidity issues within these securities and how to price and manage them effectively with an objective of optimising returns.

Our expertise in managing portfolios that are more challenging from a credit perspective means financial performance is optimised and we are able to effectively price portfolios offered for sale, often to levels that exceed recoveries from a self-managed wind-down.