Why Bluestone


You don’t have to turn potential customers away with Bluestone Finance.
We aim to work directly with borrowers whose needs are being poorly serviced by a traditional lending approach.

Our personal approach helps us fully understand the real circumstance which may be affecting your customers’ credit rating to help secure them with a finance loan.

Our solution-driven underwriting team bring a fresh approach with a non-credit-scoring method of securing lending for your customer.

Seamless, Straightforward Process


Quick seamless process from beginning to end.

Customers We Help


We know that securing a motor loan for your customer isn’t always easy and turning away potential customers is something no business likes to do. We offer finance solutions to consumers, non-consumers, SMEs, self- employed, adverse credit customers and customers with no credit history.


Our Products


We offer competitive products to customers and businesses looking for the right type of credit facility.

Our finance gives your customers the options to hire purchase or lease new or used cars, light commercial vehicles, construction and farm machinery. 

To find out more information about partnering with us get in touch today.